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Building the future

Custom Trench Shields – Single & Double Wall

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Working in trenches can be hazardous, and trench shields are one option to provide protection. Trench shields can be aluminum or steel with spreaders to support the sidewalls of the shields. Trench protection products have varying thicknesses and heights to correspond to the requirements of different construction projects. You can alter the width of the spreaders to match that of the trench.

Advantages of Can Trench boxes over the competitors:

1) Trench Shields has simplified structure for the end user. It consist of 2 walls, 4 spreaders and 8 pins and keepers.
2) Each Trench Shield wall may be Foam Filled using lightweight fire resistant polystyrene that fills the double wall cavities minimising mud, sand and corrosionn build-up inside the wall.
3) Trench Shield Wall and Spreader connection is rigid and has only one pin connection. Instead of 2 pins and flexible connection of competitors. It prevents any shift of the trench wall due to soil collapse.
4) Healy Duty Collars made of High Tensile Steel and internal support ribs.
5) Trench Shields transported on the standard European truck, dismantled and the height of the whole shield assembly in no more than 0.5 m. No extra expenses for oversize load are required.
6) Trench Shield is specifically designed to be dragged forward by spreader (1.8 m length max). There is no need to install and remove the shield from the trench each time new pipe section is installed.
7) The Spreaders are made of High Tensile, Heavy Duty Pipe permitting using directly the excavator bucket for pulling forward each trench box.
8) All lifting points (lifting lugs) are 4 per each wall and have a standard spacing – standard single length lift chains /belts for assembly lifting are used on all type of boxes. 


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At Can Trench, we offer extensive Engineering Services, Premium  Shoring Products and Trench Safety  Training.

Each Shield has protective blog

End to end, at the top and bottom, as well as pushing blocks. 


All Trench Boxes installed in the trench can be closed off

at night for public safety, as well as guard rails for the workers safety.

Spreaders are located at the corners of the wall

In such way that they are allowing fo maximum internal spacinf for laying pipe.

Innovative Accessories

Our Innovative Accessories will transform traditional 2 side Trench Box Support to 3 or 4 sided support. 

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