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Can Trench, LTD is European Based Trench Shoring and Civil/Structural Engineering Company.

It was established in 2012 by Alex Nedeltchev, P. Eng., P.E.- Former Director of Engineering of Efficiency Production Inc. from Mason, Michigan.

Can Trench, Ltd. will provide your company with: PREMIUM and Extremely Durable Shoring Equipment. We will train your company staff and provide full engineering support each step of the way, on each of your projects. 

In addition we provide wide range of engineering services related to Bridge Design and Construction as well as Steel and Reinforces Concrete Structures. We have 35 years of Engineering Experience and practicing on 3 continents – Europe, Americas (USA, Canada and Brazil) and had introduced Trench Box Technology to Australia.

Mike West & Alex Nedeltchev, P. Eng., P.E.










Trench Shoring & Protection Professionals 

Excavation Shoring Engineering and Premium Trench Shoring Equipment Manufacturing . Company is dedicated to serve underground construction industry world-wide. Close attention is dedicated to Europe and Asia and to our existing clients and friends from USA and Canada. 

Our Vision


  • We will give our customers what they want when they want it, every time.
  • We will be dedicated to exceeding customer expectations each and every time.
  • We will provide the most cost-effective solutions to our customers’ business needs.
  • We will do what we say we will do.
Our Mission

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Can Trench, Ltd. offer extensive ENGINEERIG SERVICES, PREMIUM SHORING PRODUCTS and TRENCH SAFETY TRAINING – all dedicated to excavation shoring safety and efficiency in underground construction industry. We offer Equipment Sales, Rent-to-Own, Rentals and Maintenance of our products. Also, Site Specific Engineering, Authorities approval support and Product Ing. Certification at all times. 


Can Trench, ltd. is the only trench and traffic safety equipment company with a national branch network. We provide a diversified, comprehensive inventory of equipment for rental and sale, trench and traffic safety engineering services, and an extensive OSHA compliant training program. At its core, NTS is a company built upon service, as evidenced by our mission statement.

The Environment

Can Trench, Ltd. shoring products are the only one on the market in compliance with all 6 applicable world-wide standards:
European Standard for Trench Lining Systems EN 13331-1 & 2: 08.2002 (Germany, EU);
2) EN 1090 (Steel and Aluminum Structures) from 06.2014 adopted in all EU;
3) BS 5975:2008+A1:2011- Code of Practice for Temporary Works Procedure – UK;
4) BS 6031:2009 – Code of Practice for Earthworks – UK.
5) USA and Canada – 29 CFR Part 1926 OSHA Subpart P (Excavations and Trenches);
6) State of California, Department of Transportation, Trenching and Shoring Manual – 2011; 


Can Trench, Ltd. is a family owned business and we strive for to flexibility and attention to detail in the process of serving our client needs and goals. Can Trench, Ltd. will provide your company with: PREMIUM and Extremely Durable Shoring Equipment. We will train your company staff.

Building the future

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Prof. Ing. Alex Nedeltchev,

Prof. Ing. Alex Nedeltchev,


Daniela Stefanova

Daniela Stefanova

Vice President & Sales

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