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Steel Road Plates

Designed with ease of use in mind, Can Trench Steel Road Plates include flush mounted pick points to allow for easy, balanced handling with no protrusion above the Steel Road Plates surface.  Ideal for contractors, municipalities and utility companies, for use in street crossing, trench covering, temporary access over unstable terrain and avoiding unnecessary back filling.

Custom Shields – Hi-Clerance Series, Ttench Shields / Trench Box, Single & Double Wall (KE & NOKE) Options

Trench shields are used to protect workers from the collapse of trench walls. They can be made from aluminum or steel, and they are typically equipped with spreaders to support the sidewalls of the shields.

Guided Frames

The steel sheeting guide frame system would provide proactive soil support through excavation as the guide frame is placed at the top of the excavation and then steel sheets are inserted through the frames to the depth of the excavation. The placement of the sheets also allows for flexible placement to accommodate crossing utilities as was present in this project. 

Hydraulic Shoring

Hydraulic shores are the quickest way to shore a trench. They are designed to prevent cave-ins in all but the most unstable soil conditions by supporting the sidewalls of the trench through hydraulic pressure. All vertical shores are installed and removed from the top of the trench. Hydraulic vertical shores are lightweight shoring devices that can be installed by a single worker as fast as the trench is excavated.

Additional Products 

In our portfolio you can find a wide range pf additional product that will serve and support the industry needs.

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