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Excavation Shoring 

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Excavation Shoring 

Excavation shoring systems are typically required to provide lateral soil support when an excavation is constructed. Many different excavation shoring systems exist and the right solution depends on soil and site conditions as well as depth and other considerations.

Sheet Pile Systems

  • Cantilever, Internally Braced, & Tieback
  • Cofferdams/Tremie slabs

Beam & Plate/Lagging

  • Cantilever
  • Internal braced
  • Tie-back, Raker-braced, & Deadmen

Slide Rail Systems

  • Clear-span Tieback
  • RR submittals

Hydraulic Waler Systems & Trench Shields

  • Removable Spreaders
  • Vertical Installations
  • Increased Depth vs. Tab Data
  • Custom Trench Shield/Trench Box Design
  • Custom Bore Pit Design using Trench Shields/Trench Boxes

Secant Wall Systems

  • Unreinforced or Reinforced System
  • Circular Shafts & Rectangular Pits

Soil Nail & Tie-Back Design

Railroad Shoring Submittals

  • Railroad Loading (Cooper E80 Loading and EU Equivalents)
  • Sheet Pile, Beam & Plate, & Slide Rail

Trench Safety Plans, Slope Stability Analysis & Open Cuts

  • Open Cut, Benching & Sloping
  • Shields – Steel and Aluminum
  • Vertical & Horizontal Shores – Aluminum and Plywood Shoring Systems.

Circular Shaft Design

  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Liner Plate
  • Rib & Lagging

Bore pit Design & Tunneling

  • Thrust Blocks & Estimated Jacking Forces
  • Casing & Pipe Checks

Hydraulic Trench Jacks and Bridge Jacking/Transport

  • Custom Support Tower/Foundation Designs
  • Hydraulic Jacking Schemes
  • Transport Systems for Staged Demo/Construction

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