CTSM3 Multiple Series | Trench shields, single wall (KE & NOKE) - Options

The CTSM3 (Can Trench, Municipal Series Trench Shields)
Narrow (70 mm) single wall
These lightweight shields.
Designed for use with rubber-tire backhoe and are excellent for shallow, lighter work.
They also allow for the narrowest possible excavation trench.

Product Description



  • Reinforced top rails.
  • Adjustable and stackable.
  • Thru-wall lifting lugs. * Four-point lift system.
  • Thru-wall collars.
  • Integral spreader collar double tube post design
  • Single Pin Spreader connection.
  • Triangular knife edge- strongest in the industry.
  • Maximum possible high strength welds on each part.
  • High strength German Steel w/t mill certificate.
  • Professional Engineer design and depth certification.


  • Double tube top rail.
  • Pushing blocks.
  • Pulling lugs.
  • Mud Plate and End Plate.
  • Custom Spreader locations and sizes.
  • Corner Brackets.
  • T-connection cut-out.
  • Custom Paint and Stickers.
  • Stacking pockets.



  • 100 mm. O.D. Spreader/Spindle
  • 150 mm. O.D. Spreader/Spindle
  • Custom collar sizes and shapes available.